Saturday, August 30, 2008

holiday and ramadhan

a week's time has flew away,

since going to pandan indah..i haven't went back to kelantan and so...sure it is such a relief to be in kelantan..undescribeable relief but to be at home with ease and comfort sure turn me into a couch potato ( ahax!!)

i dont really feel like facing mid-sem first ever examination in medical faculty
but to say that i didnt spend my time for studying those bookz (anatomy, physiology,histology,biochemistry etc) would be such a lie..hahaha

Ramadhan is just around the corner..
cant wait to Ihya' it this time..
celebrating Ramadhan in Kelantan would surely be the best ..
dont know why but Ramadhan in kelantan (to my observation) is more lively than other places
however..its not the place that determined whether ramadhan is 'alive' or not
but its up to us

marhaban ya ramadhan!!!



'adz said...

jgn lupa ulangkaji..
saya pun dah kne tgk2 buku
bio n chem matrix dulu..

plan 17 sept tu jd ka ?

tariq ziad said...


i'm actually looking forward for this 16 sept..hehe..plan ape 17 sept??

'adz said...

owh..16 sep insyaAllah bsama bdoa,
d bln mulia ini..
ntah bkn kamu ka yg kata 17 sep nk p lawat cg arho

tariq ziad said...

owhh..insyaallah...judin da bwk van da tuh..ko amacam free x?

'adz said...

owh..insyaAllah bole aja..
judin bawa van..haha..
best2, ramai leh pg
ko pon bawa kete,nabil,rizq..
wa suma sudah ada kete ye..
eh bila pula lagu maly rabbun siwah tu aku bg ?
ada dlm versi arab lg
sedap dngr