Thursday, June 21, 2012


It has been quite sometimes since the last post i wrote for this blog, facebook has quite an influence (an excuse per say) for me to simplify my idea into a post to be easily accessible for comment (or 'like's maybe)

I even had forgotten that i have a blog, which are always there if i want to babble all the way i want, eventhough as times passed by (hey, i'm finishing my 4th year already) you may use your time to think rather than talking, as you will always rethink on how to make you idea a reality well-placed to be practised

Another thing (for me to babble about)

I'm married, with a wonderful woman i would say, and you can always refer to my status in my facebook. about her, it will took a whole special post (which i will write about it when i'm ready, this post is just for me to start warming up my fingerbed with keyboard button)

I was thinking (never sinking) why is it always a problem to write? as the ideas are always lingering around the head, but when the hand was placed firmly on my tx2000 HP, eagerly and enthusiastically to start my writing, and the idea flies without any notice (at least a simple goodbye and mention that you will come back for me to write about you)

There you go

A post to be read

I hope its a good start for a more beneficial (ceh, beneficial la sangat) post to come

Allahu Musta'an

p/s: did this post really reflect me?