Saturday, July 14, 2012

GP Posting ends and ...

Setelah 2 minggu tamat ber'posting' GP di Klinik Murni milik Dr Hasyim, maka tamatlah sudah posting GP ini. Posting yang memberi sedikit pengalaman dan pendedahan tentang bagaimana satu-satu klinik swasta beroperasi. Doktor Hasyim sangat ramah dan tidak pernah meninggikan suara, as i can see, eventhough the clinik was just a simple traditional -style GP (General Practicioner) clinic, but the customer are willing to wait even for 3 hours just to meet this friendly doctor and have a 10 minute chat with him. Its quite interesting to see customer waiting eagely just to meet this doctor, and when i asked him, then i know the secret behind it was, communication skill, your honesty, and the warmth smile that you give may eventually conquered many heart to come to you. GP

there are a lot of advantages of considering GP in your carier, such as

1. You are not tied to anyone, you are the boss of your own clinic and you can choose whether to work or not without worrying that anyone would scold you for not coming to work (but the disadvantage is of course that you will not get your income on that day, which you can counter by taking any lokem doctor to replace you when you're absent.)

2. You can give the best medication to your patient (unlike in goverment where the good meds need authorization from the specialist).

3. Businiess opportunity where you can expand your clinic such as providing extra services than simple consulation,diagnosis and meds giving only. my wife's place of GP (Klinik Nur) offer wide range of service including x-ray, surgery, occupation health, medical surveillance, medical checkup with fomema, etc.

4. Oppotunity to be active in NGOs, Political Parties(errkkk!!), Associations, because your time is yours to manage and you dont have to be worried of being burdened with politics in government sector (yeah right...bosan gila dengan politik ampu yang sudah jadi satu kecanduan sekarang dalam sektor apa-apa pun di Malaysia.. Dakwah and Harakah! here i come!)

so, maybe being a GP can be put on my list of choice after graduating, tambahan lagi dengar katanya in 2015, GP clinic can only be run by FMS (Family Medicine Specialist). A field i intend to pursue formy speciality insyaallah.

the last pieces of advise Dr Hasyim gave to me (which i construct it into my own words)

1. Jadilah seorang yang ikhlas dalam bekerja, pekerjaan seorang doktor itu sangat sibuk, kamu mungkin kekurangan masa untuk beribadat seperti orang lain (pergi masjid selalu, dengar kuliah agama, join aktiviti-aktiviti) Maka, jadikanlah pekerjaan ni satu ibadah untuk kamu, sebab menjadi doktor itu pekerjaan yang mulia dan hanya kita yang ada ilmu ni saja yang mampu menjalankan tanggungjawab ni.

2. Bergaullah dengan semua orang, tak kira latarbelakang, bangsa, agama, pangkat dan apa-apa saja, treat them as you should as a doctor.

3. Be polite, buat apa marah-marah, kita tak gembira, orang tak suka, make your life miserable by getting angry.

my gratitude to Dr Hasyim
as for now, its holiday for me, how holyyy :)

p/s : Tetibe rojak pulak jadinya post kali ni..huhu
pp/s : i am currently in Kota Bharu Bandaraya Islam..Allahuakbar!

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